Sushi Squares

I mentioned earlier that I live in a small town. With that being said, you have a very limited selection of restaurants, sushi being one of the rarest!  To get decent sushi would take me a minimum of a 45 minute drive. So when my craving hit, I knew I had it in me to whip up something to curve that craving!

Try for yourself your very own deconstructed sushi square! This is also a fun dinner to try with the kids and let them make their own versions.

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Spinach and Egg Breakfast Toast

A filling but healthy breakfast right here folks! This spinach, egg white, tomato toast will give you fuel for hours!  I found this ezeikel bread in the frozen section of my local grocery.  The brand I use is Food for Life, Ezeikel 4.9.  You can find it HERE.  The best part about this bread is you freeze it!  So no more wasting half a loaf of bread because it molded in your pantry.


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